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Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Mauna Kea Technologies’ Role in the French Tech Initiative

Posted by Sacha Loiseau

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September 18, 2014 at 8:46 AM

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About a year ago, Fleur Pellerin, who was then Minister Delegate for SMEs, Innovation and the Digital Economy, launched the French Tech initiative. She declared, “French Tech is first and foremost an ambition to build a large collective mobilization movement to support the growth and international influence of French startups.”

In less than a year, we’re seeing a notable impact as French innovators dive into new and emerging markets… areas that have the potential to change our way of life. We can see a booming startup community presenting significant growth and employment opportunities.

Focus has been placed on the digital economy with a fantastic job done by France Digitale and its leaders, with some phenomenal success stories such as Criteo, Deezer and BlaBlaCar. But there is a strong push on the Medtech side as well with many public and private companies making a name for themselves. And Biotechs have been doing great with recent achievements by Cellectis and Genfit, to name only a few.

I was fortunate to be part of a group of entrepreneurs and CEOs of Medtech companies that decided to create their own association, not unlike France Digitale. Called InnoTechMed, the association's purpose is to promote the field of medical technologies and innovations and to foster initiatives that could help a domain that has rich industrial and wealth creation potential.

InnoTechMed has already established itself as a partner of the French Tech movement. For instance during the French Tech festival, which was a kind of open door initiative inviting people to visit startups and other companies to see what they were doing and how, Mauna Kea Technologies was pleased to host a luncheon for about 15 people who received a demonstration of our technologies.

French Tech Festival Open House Tour Mauna Kea Technologies

In the fall, we will be a partner of “Startup Academy.” It’s an opportunity to welcome Deputies and Senators to our company in order to educate them on the challenges we face and on the potential we hold.

The initial branding initiative of "La French Tech" was a brilliant move by Fleur Pellerin and it has really blossomed into momentum, creating an atmosphere which is key to France's competitiveness. Axelle Lemaire, the new French Deputy Minister for Digital Affairs has continued to carry the flame for La French Tech and has been doing a great job of it.

This is an exciting time for the French technology community. Stay up to date on the latest developments by following me @sachaloiseau or @LaFrenchTech and @maunakeatech on Twitter. We always enjoy hearing from our constituents. Feel free to send us a message about your ideas for healthcare innovations that may benefit France and the global community.

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