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Cellvizio Endomicroscopy in Minimally-Invasive Surgery Applications

Posted by Sacha Loiseau

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June 1, 2015 at 4:50 AM


We recently announced CE mark for the use of a new Cellvizio probe in minimally-invasive surgery (MIS) applications. We've been working hard for several years developing endomicroscopic applications and products for image-guided interventions. There is a tremendous amount of activity around fluorescence-guided surgery and we believe endomicroscopy is going to bring this field to a new level of precision and reliability.

In the words of Dr. Silvana Perretta from IRCAD-Strasbourg, the leading training center for such interventions: "Cellvizio is able to provide important digital information in real time while overcoming the physical barrier of the OR. The ability to bring this new level of knowledge and precision into the surgical field is a significant advantage as the global focus on evidenced-based medicine continues to expand."

View the video featuring Dr. Perretta and other distinguished surgeons discussing the future of Cellvizio Endomicroscopy in surgery.

The use of this new Cellvizio probe with common robotics system should soon be possible as well, opening even more possibilities, as already exemplified by previous studies. Our PERSEE Project which combines robotics and endomicroscopy is now well into its clinical phase and received a distinction today in Washington at the 2015 Digestive Disease Week in the SSAT section

We believe that real-time visualization of tissue at the microscopic level during minimally-invasive surgeryrepresents a major enhancement which may provide a range of benefits to surgeons and patients such as improved frozen section sampling, more accurate tumor margin detection and improved surgical planning. In addition, Cellvizio is clearly compatible and synergistic with macroscopic optical fluorescent imaging systems currently used in a range of surgical applications.

This is a key milestone for us on our product and regulatory roadmaps and we look forward to making our proprietary endomicroscopy technology available to an ever growing number of healthcare professionals in various disciplines.

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